Delayed Menopause?

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By AFEA member Nicky Douglas

“Thirty-minute procedure to trick biological clocks into thinking women are much younger than they are.”

The Week reported that:


Doctors have made a major scientific breakthrough that enables them to delay menopause for up to 20 years, bringing untold health benefits for women later in life. Pioneered by the fertility experts behind IVF, nine British women aged between 22 and 36 have already undergone the new 30-minute operation which removes a piece of one of their ovaries. The tissue is then frozen at -150C and held in an ice bank until the women reach menopause. It will then be thawed and transplanted back into the armpit, where it will kickstart their natural hormones — delaying menopause.

The Times says the ‘revolutionary procedure could transform the lives of thousands of women by tricking their biological clocks into thinking they are much younger than they are.’

This could limit the effects of menopause-related health problems such as osteoporosis and heart problems as well as reducing draining physical and emotional symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, memory problems, mood swings and anxiety. It could also slow the effects of ageing on women’s sex drives.


This treatment perhaps highlights one of the major differences between a western approach to medicine and the ancient Chinese philosophy from which Five Element Acupuncture derives. We seek to work in harmony with nature rather than challenge or obstruct its progress. 

Arguable the discomfort caused by the symptoms of the menopause are indeed themselves caused by the imbalance in our lives: our diet, our patterns of sleep, the stress we operate under every day! 

Acupuncture treatment will dramatically reduce the symptoms as balance is restored, and support the lifestyle changes needed to maintain that balance. Perhaps working with nature is a better way? 

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