The Fire Element and Our Summer Within – Do you feel part of summer’s great party?

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By AFEA member Georgie Ireland

It’s August and most workplaces are pretty quiet. If people aren’t on holiday, then the majority are clocking off early doors or adopting the pub garden as their new “breakout strategy room.”

It’s come as a bit of a surprise then that this month is our busiest in practice. People have been booking in their droves for some acupuncture. But surely this is the time everyone is off enjoying themselves? They’ll sort their lives out when it’s the back to school mentality in September.

However, this little business insight has served to re-enforce our understanding of the power and collective need for the fire element in all of our lives.

We all know intuitively Summer is the time we “should” feel brighter – the warmth of the sun lifts our spirits and the longer days allow us to open and socialise with others. So, when we find ourselves with no desire to leave the house or at a party filled with anxiety or that depressive feeling still lingering, we really know something’s not right. It doesn’t help that when we mindlessly scroll through social media, images of everyone else seeming to ‘live their best lives’ bleed into our psyche. At least in winter we find solace in the fact we are all brothers in arms begrudgingly hauling ourselves out of bed first thing in the morning.

In practice, we aim to restore balance and harmony to all the five elements. When our fire element is functioning as nature intended – it should burn brightly, flooding you with the warmth and vitality which makes you feel safe to come out into the world and experience the joy, passion and laughter which inherently exists within.

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