Georgie & Grace

London, UK

In 2014 we were just two strangers, equally unsure of where we were going or what we wanted. Unbeknown to us, life was about to change as it always does. Gradually Grace’s internal lights went out. Neither happy nor sad, she eventually became accustomed to a persistent shade of grey. On the flip side, Georgie’s mind accelerated to 100 miles an hour. Her days an exhausting blend of crippling self-doubt and impending sense of panic.

After numerous self-diagnoses courtesy of Google, subscriptions to Headspace and trialling what seemed like every free yoga deal on offer, it wasn’t until we started acupuncture that we finally began to feel like ourselves again. With Grace’s lights back on brighter than ever and Georgie’s mind finally calm, our paths crossed when we decided to train in this empowering and transformative ancient medicine.

We both trained as apprentices under Gerad Kite, the UK’s leading Five Element practitioner. We are fully insured and adhere to the highest standards of care and professional conduct.