The Fire Element

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By AFEA member Elouise Newman

The fire element and its season summer are all about the present moment. There is nothing more to do than to relax and enjoy the long days, soaking up the heat and energy from the sun in readiness for a good harvest in late summer and a successful resourced winter. The qi (life-force) energy is now at its peak and at its most expansive and creates a sense of brightness and possibility..

The energy which we experience externally (and generate internally) derives from the Fire element which will warm and energise us for the whole of the year to come, Without the fire element and summer the rest of the year would be dark and spiritless.

It’s a time for socialising, flirting, displaying who you are at your fullest potential.  Fire gives us the ability to love and laugh, to find joy in all things and equallyto also know how to express ourselves outwards and appropriately.  When this element is alive in us, we reach out naturally to other people to share warmth and friendship, similar to blooms of the summer that unfold and spread. Fire gives us energy and enthusiasm, lightens us and gives fun to all our seemingly mundane tasks.

An imbalance in this element can cause joylessness with no warmth or love to light the way. Without this element our lives are flat and monotonous. When the fire is strong and balanced however, there is good communication from within to without and received in equal measure.  Communication is open and honest and with the giving and receiving of ideas, thoughts and feelings, kindness and generosity is the outcome.

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