“I longed to be balanced.” Five Element Acupuncture Testimonial

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By AFEA member Gerad Kite

I first came across Gerad’s name in a classic way: reading a magazine in a waiting room. It was an article about women who had struggled to become pregnant, some of them for years without success. Yet Five-Element acupuncture with Gerad had helped achieve their longed-for goals. In the article Gerad said his aim was to balance people. A balanced body was a healthy body and a healthy body was more likely to function well.

I was in my early fifties and becoming pregnant was not on my radar. But after a lifetime of depression and the mood swings that that involved it was the word balance that jumped out at me. I had spent most of my adult life far from balanced. My life was made up of dramatic mood swings either very high or very low like an out-of-control pendulum. I longed to be balanced.

It wasn’t an instant fix with Gerad and early five-element treatments saw me feeling sorry for myself and bemoaning the fact that life treated me badly. It took time to evaluate my core problems, build up my confidence and for me to believe in acupuncture and in myself. Gradually the talks and treatments cleared my body and my mind. Talking gets rid of a lot of the rubbish and Gerad’s perception sees through the crap and gets to the root of the problem quickly so he can identify the areas that need treatment.

I now see him a few times a year. If life throws me a problem that I struggle to deal with alone then I ask for help and increase my visits. And best of all my pendulum generally ticks gently away, no more out-of-control highs or lows. Being balanced is a joy for which I am grateful on a daily basis. Thank you Gerad.

-Joyce Quarrie

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