Samira Kazamzadeh

London, UK

I was introduced to Five-Element Acupuncture when I was at my weakest point; physically, mentally & emotionally.

Physically, I was struggling with ulcerative Colitis that wouldn’t settle down even with steroids. I was in great pain with my back for the second time three years post surgery and I had to quit my job as a pastry chef, that at the time was my identity and my passion.

Mentally I was becoming so groggy & slow, whereas normally I am quite sharp and so suddenly not remembering my mum’s phone number was a very unfamiliar and scary feeling.

And emotionally I was so shaky. I was so worried all the time that even the prescribed sleeping tablets would only put me down for 3 hours every night!

This is when I met Gerad Kite and he healed me with his magic needles.

So this is how I found my new passion as a Five-Element acupuncturist. I don’t want anyone feeling how I felt few years ago. The magic of Five-Element acupuncture never stops to surprise me and I find it very rewarding to watch others go through the same journey as I did and see themselves restored to full and vibrant health.

Telephone: 020 3137 7327