James Bartlett


After many years working in the retail and hospitality industry, I felt the intense strain on my mental and physical health. Poor digestion, headaches, stress and anxiety were common place, and I accepted that these were part of life. These symptoms lessened significantly, and most disappeared, after seeing a five element acupuncturist. I wanted to understand why acupuncture had worked so incredibly, so I decided to partake in Gerad Kite’s apprenticeship. Bringing an understanding of the five elements into my life has helped me to see just how life changing this treatment can be, and the wonderful benefits it can bring to every part of our mind, body and spirit.
Using my knowledge of the five element system of medicine, I can help to identify where energy, or chi, needs to be directed using acupuncture needles in order to bring about a state of balance and harmony. Assisting nature to promote healing in such a gentle, but often profound way, is what I love most about working with people in the treatment room.

Contact Number: 07938 567 091

Telephone: 07938 567 091